GPT-3 can’t save you today. GPT-3 by OpenAI (private beta) dazzles the world in 2020 with incredible demos like generating SQL query using plain English, writing code, and doing what seems like machine comprehension. Yes comprehensions are even hard for humans (think of SAT and GRE). We talked about this exciting news in our article GPT-3 past present future. We also wrote about NLP fundamentals in this our Getting Started with NLP article. It is very important for us to follow up and write about what GPT-3 cannot do. Limitations, weakness, mistakes. It is a bit hard without access to GPT-3 yet. …

Here are some cool things you can do with Github’s new online coding environment. Thanks to the power of its new owner Microsoft, Github has powered up its code editing offerings. Follow us for more cool articles like this about modern programming.

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Github Codespaces is a powerful online programming IDE. It is an instant dev environment which lives where your codes already reside. It’s your very own development environment in the cloud. …

It used to be mandatory to be a statistician to be a data scientists. While stats knowledge is still helpful, these practical data science tasks are now must-haves for job applications and data analytics interviews. How many do you know? No worries, keep this list in mind. We will have tutorials that address each of these categories. Subscribe and follow us for updates.

  • Supervised Learning: classification tasks, probabilities, expected values, maximum likelihood, most likely outcomes.
  • Unsupervised learning: clustering, grouping similar demographics or behaviors together, segmentation
  • Similarity: similarity metrics, distance functions, identify similar customers, groups, characteristics, demographics
  • Regression: best fit line, estimation, forecasting, projection…

Jaccard Similarity is an easy, intuitive formula that is very powerful in many use cases including object detection in image recognition, classification, and image segmentation tasks (instance detection). This article is modeled after our popular machine learning, deep learning articles:

Most of the visuals and formula can be found on wikipedia.

As always, we first present the formula then provide intuitive, easy-to-understand explanations followed by real life examples!

Jaccard Similarity Formula

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“The Jaccard index, also known as Intersection over Union and the Jaccard similarity coefficient (originally given the French name coefficient de communauté by Paul Jaccard), is a statistic used for gauging the similarity and diversity of sample sets.” …

Thanks for being a subscriber. Have you heard of OpenAI’s GPT-3? Simply put, it may be the most exciting tool for Natural Language Processing (NLP) in 2020. It’s the hottest and trendiest. In this NEW article, we give an overview of the model, use case, and metadata. More details on the paper coming soon! Hope it saves you time.

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Why is GPT-3 capturing the attention of the world?

Every one is talking about the mighty, great, futuristic language model by OpenAI, founded by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Y Combinator partner Sam Altman and other Silicon Valley big shots like Google researchers and ex CTO of Stripe. It is truly eye opening. We also want to tell you how exciting it is. Why is GPT-3 so hyped right now? Probably because GPT-3 has the coolest video demos ever : based on just a few English sentences it can generate a TODO app (write code by itself), generate Excel spreadsheets, automatically translate, generate quizzes based on content. Mind boggling.

Every one is writing about GPT-3, but because we are technical, our article will give you the important technical details and background you need to understand OpenAI’s GPT-3. …

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Welcome, you have successfully completed a coding bootcamp, online Coursera course, Codecademy python course, or an Udacity nanodegree. You have working knowledge of Python, but it is important to improve your python knowledge further to really become a python developer. We write tutorials like this, for beginners, for bootcamp graduates. We tell you the trivia, the important knowledge of Python you should know for your job, project, and work. We also have a technical interview with Python series in progress and ready to be released soon. Let us know if you’d like to learn more by commenting below. …

We write beginner friendly articles like this, follow us for more. Today we will visit how to do four important tasks in SQL CREATE, READ, UPDATE, DELETE, known as CRUD.

Table of contents: part 1 — intro to SQL , part 2 create read update delete with SQL (this article).

SQL is the query language for tabular data (data that fits nicely in excel like tables) ; it is the query language for relational databases.

Relational database makes use of primary key (PK) and foreign key (FK). Each row in a table has an unique primary key. it is like each person has an unique ID number. Relational databases have entity tables such as products and customers for example, and also have association tables assoc tables that connect the two such as orders table where each customer can buy one or more products at a time. The ID used to record the customer in the association table is known as the foreign key because it is not the primary key — order ID, it refers to unique IDs in another table. …

SQL is not obsolete. You can now build Machine Learning models with SQL, query real time or big data with SQL. It is true if you look around you will find plenty of job postings with SQL as a desired skill, even from FANG companies (Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google). Uniqtech writes technical tutorials for coding bootcamp graduates, free lancers, self-study, MOOC students who are in the realm of data science, software engineering, machine learning and deep learning. Read our disclaimer here. This disclaimer applies to our entire site. Please take our words with a grain of salt. …



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