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[NEWS TREND] Internship shortage? — current students new grads

Recap: in the previous newsletter, we compared three job posting types: product manager, program manager and data engineer. Check out the career talk here. We have been collecting data on job postings and will report back with more insights. Check out our technical interview guide mid way through this newsletter.

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It’s year 2021 and many job posts still ask for SQL skills for data science data engineer and data analyst positions. Even Google and Facebook. Let’s discuss some non trivial SQL statements. This tutorial should help you prepare a bit. Please read our full disclaimer. Our contents are for informational purpose only. We are not counselors. And our materials are for personal use. They are not for commercial not for production use. The codes are not production optimized.

“Strong knowledge of SQL is required” — tesla data engineer role

We noticed that even advanced, newer tech unicorns still ask for…

Display training images in a grid is an important data visualization task in deep learning, specifically computer vision deep learning tasks. Except it is not exactly easy unless you know the perfect matplotlib and pyplot and masters the concept of axis and grid. Fortunately pytorch has a function for that. It is not totally straight forward either, hence you need this article. We write articles that are beginner friendly and professionally applicable. Read our full disclaimer before using the code. Generally our code snippets are for personal use, not commercial or production viable.

First we only found the function signature…

Today’s newsletter looks different from our usual. It’s a detour to talk about an important topic : career development. Disclaimer: we are not licensed counselors, and are not qualified to give career advice. This is for informational purpose only.

We started to build our own proprietary database of job posts from the best tech companies in the world. It’s a lot. Some preliminary data cleaning, and visualizing give us a picture of how product manager differs from program manager, and what do data engineers do all day.

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The vision to…

Bitcoin Party?! 😱

Developer life is good, not gonna lie. Our classmate at Stanford apparently had a blast in Miami this weekend for the Bitcoin conf, VIP after-party with Bitcoin decorated Dom Perignon champagnes, To-the-Moon 🚀 plaques, the the super famous Logan + Floyd boxing match — the game of the century for YouTubers. Gosh, even after living in the bay area for years, we have not seen Such Wow Much Fancy and COVID 😱 Of course. We don’t support partying or crowds right now but it’s something to behold. But wow that’s what Miami is really made for.

Bitcoin VIP clubbing?! 👆🏼

Here’s a short effective list of common coding error messages. Consider it a cheat sheet for beginners. As frustrating as some of these lengthy stack trace messages are, it’s important to read the key messages throughly word for word. They are meant to be helpful, not 🎃

Getting started with exception handling with this beginner friendly article.

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May 2021 smart tutorial: Non-fungible Tokens NFTs explained

Smart tutorial — an overview of Machine Learning Tools:


This error happens…

In this article, Manhattan and Euclidean Distance, two way of measuring distance and performance in deep learning, is explained in simple terms. It is a beginner, basic guide to machine learning distance functions and cost functions. As always our content is beginner friendly. Don’t use Medium? Subscribe for free content and notifications whenever we publish. Prefer to watch a Youtube tutorial instead? Scroll all the way down for our companion study video on Youtube. Your claps are greatly appreciated and help pay for our bagels :)

Machine learning is an interdisciplinary field (computer science, engineering, statistics, math). There are…


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