Intro to R Programming, Data Science with R — Uniqtech Guide

11 min readSep 29, 2021

Introduction to R programming, programming with R in RStudio IDE for researchers, data scientists in academia, Kaggle competitions. R is a high level programming language useful for collaborating in the academic because not everyone wants to learn to code (in python) from scratch, and prefer the simple and visual interface of RStudio. R is more friendly for data engineers, programmers who are not statisticians. It is easier to learn than professional statistical packages such as SAS SPSS and Stata, used in social science.

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Data science competition and professional work surveys consistently show R to be among the top 5 choices in terms of professional data analysis, even machine learning tools. The list also includes Python. At one point, R surpassed Python in popularity before dropping slightly down. There is a learning curve, even for programmers. R is a bit different from traditional programming languages. For example, sometimes in R, the first element is the 1st element, not the zeroth element. Zero indexing is traditional used in programming.

Uniqtech Tutorial: Introduction to R

Installing R

Both R and RStudio installation files should be downloaded from their official websites and no where else. The process is a bit manual. You will have to choose the installation package based on your…