Technical Interview, Coding Interview Special Edition

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The next edition this month is about my favorite topic : machine learning and data science. We really are proud of the median tutorial (four ways to find median of sorted array problem). It’s awesome! [public] tips are public, any one can view them. [pro] tips are for paid members of our website only.

Getting ready for your technical interviews. Technical interview preps and developer tips, special edition. WARNING: please read our disclaimer and terms of services first. An excerpt is linked below.

Technical Interview Basics:

Core skills: Programming experiences and skills, problem solving skills, analytical skills, familiarity with technical interview basics such as data structure and algorithms. Data Structure and Algorithms questions are popular among big tech companies like the FANG companies (Facebook, Apple, Airbnb, Netflix, Google). Supposedly only 2% of candidates gets a job at Google. That’s an acceptance rate lower than Harvard and Stanford.

Many career coaches find that reaching out to contacts in your network, and always be networking can really help improve your career search results. There are rumors that internal referrals work well at big FANG companies. It kind of makes sense if we think about it : team work, collaborations are very important at big tech companies. People work well with their friends, and friend groups of brilliant engineers can potentially have higher concentration of brilliant engineers. (If you are good at board games, you can really attract some attention at big tech companies. It’s a serious hobby.)

Alternative career track candidates are now accepted at major companies such as Google, Meta, and JPMorgan. The only obstacle for candidates right now is the terrible trend of layoff. Before the recent disastrous layoff trend, companies like META was providing returnship opportunities for women to re-enter the workforce.

Talking about layoff: Did you hear about the Great Layoff? The new disastrous trend of tech layoffs. It is a good time to brush up on your interview skills, keeping them fresh. This is a sign and motivation to brush up on your skills. Track layoff data using this tracker below.

Layoff data: The great layoff | the disastrous layoff [public]

There are also more positive, monetary motivations for starting your interview prep.

Machine Learning Jobs and Salary Data [pro, career]

Talking about resources for women and under-represented groups in tech, check this flash card for resources and groups to join. Did you know that some Google Facebook developer events offer on-site childcare options upon request?

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General career topics

One of the greatest Indian American vc and tech giant Vinod Khosla discusses his journey, why Indian Americans are residing top CEO positions in tech companies, and recommendations for entrepreneurs and founders.

Career interview Vinod Khosla, tech, vc senior management [public]

The bamboo ceiling for East Asian Americans

Why Asian Americans on Wall Street from Goldman Sachs to Wells Fargo are breaking their silence

PUBLISHED FRI, MAY 21 2022 [CNN, external, 3rd party].

[Bamboo Ceiling Asian Last Names Lead to Fewer Job Interviews external, 3rd party, read disclaimer before reading](

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Programming Basics

Recursion interview basics [public]

What is a tail recursion? Tail recursion tail call (definition) [public]

Big O Developer Jokes. [public]

Merge two sorted arrays of the same size or other. [public]

What’s a sentinel value (definition) [public]

Data Structure

Working as a real software engineer, chances are you will have to design your own complex, custom data structure sooner or later. Data Structure and Algorithms are the bread and butter of technical coding interviews. These data structures are building blocks of custom, complex data structures. Algorithms are step by step instructions / recipes to complete a task.

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Algorithms: Search and Sorting Basics, Tree Algorithms

Overview of sorting algorithms, selection sort, insertion sort, and merge sort. [public]

Sorting algorithm time complexity basics [public]

Technical interview search and sorting best practice [pro, pro tip]

[advanced] How to code fibonacci sequence optimized for FANG Big tech companies. [medium]

Technical interview search and sorting best practice [pro]

Technical interview search and sorting best practice [pro, pro tip]

View more tree algorithm data structure tutorials here on our tree landing page [public]:

In-order tree traversal pseudocode [pro]

Tree Traversal using recursion [pro]

In order traversal [pro]

Path finding algorithm basics, shortest path [pro]

Quicksort sorting algorithm and definition of pivot [pro]

Quicksort vs Merge sort [pro]

Advanced Algorithm Calculating Median

Calculating Median seems like a simple task but it can test advanced algorithm optimization skills, and critical thinking of developers. Median interview questions are popular at Google. There are at least four interesting ways to calculate the median of sorted sub-arrays — small segments of equal length or different length sorted arrays. Find the median of two sorted array is a simplified version of this problem. See our fibonacci sequence tutorial above why we need fancier algorithms to calculate statistics. The answer is big data. When data volumes are high, trivial calculations become non-trivial.

Find median interview questions — introduction part 1 [pro]

Find median interview questions — part 2 [pro]

Find median interview questions — part 3 [pro] the coolest way to solve

Find median interview questions — part 4 [pro] using advanced data structure

Advanced Algorithms (preview)

[Uniqtech Guide Deep Dive to Coin Change Problem Part 1]Getting started with coin change interview questions. Coin change interview question basics [pro]

Additional Resources

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