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Data Science and Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform. Part 01 [pro]

Data Science and Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform. Part 02 [pro]

Data Science and Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform. Part 03 [pro]

Super pro tip, easter egg. Best resource found on the internet :

Linear Algebra (tensor math) for developers. Linear Algebra for Developers [pro, advanced]


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Goodbye Startups, Hello Big Boring Corps

Everyone Wants to Work for Big, Boring Companies Again — Analysis by Conor Sen | Bloomberg

Crypto winters and tech layoffs are no fun. Coinbase initially aimed to make 6000 hires then rescinded offers and cut off job postings except mission critical roles like security. What’s a better time to beef up your portfolio, redo your resume, and prep for technical interview? We may all need those data structure and algorithms skills again.

Why efficient algorithms (measured with Big O) really matter for big techs like Google, Meta (Facebook) and FANG companies? [pro]

Fibonacci Sequence Big O [pro]

Relational Database Basics [public] primary key, foreign key

We have said it many times: according to our analysis of job postings, successful tech companies (even FAAANG companies, big techs) still ask for SQL skills. What sets modern data engineers apart from previous generations of SQL developers is the ability to execute high performance SQL queries and handle big datasets. This could be attributed to infrastructure, indexing and technology change. For example, Google BigQuery allows data analysts to query Terabytes of data quickly, writing the good old SQL, no optimization needed on the user’s side. Job posts ask for intermediate and advanced SQL skills : nested queries, ETL, aggregation, complex JOINs.

Relational Databases use SQL or SQL like query languages. SQL JOINs statements are used to join relational data tables. JOINs are slow. They are useful because relational databases are all about relations and associations. We use JOINs to query different tables. Traditionally they have performance issues and can be very slow. Back then SQL queries can take hours, even a day. In modern data warehousing, e.g. BigQuery, server less, in the cloud, we can use SQL to query data, but the BigQuery infrastructure and optimization is so impressive, the speed and result is night and day compared to MySQL database. Analysts can query terabytes of data in minutes.

Hip tech companies often ask for nosql database skills. This is common for large gaming companies with millions of transactions and events. NoSQL database : MongoDB, firebase firestore. Alternatives to relational database and nosql databases: graph database Neo4j.

Databases, SQL, nosql, graph database [public]

SQL datatypes [public]

Graph Algorithm use cases [pro]

Devtools, IDE

Why use Pycharm? Great for python developers. Pycharm works well for large/ professional projects. Functionalities include: auto formatting, refractor, see changes. Surround with using ctrl + alt + T with express. Pycharm debugger, at the bottom of the screen or use short cut hot keys : Ctrl + D or Command + D. You can step through the code. Can stop at break points.

Why use VSCode? It’s popular among developers. It’s enterprise level software, developed by Microsoft. Why VS Code? Anecdotally, developers we have met often say they use Microsoft Visual Studio Code. StackOverflow developer survey confirmed that VS Code is the most popular IDE. 71.06% of professional developers choose VS Code. By the way we will discuss in the near future how VSCode is very useful for smart contract development in Solidity as well!

Devtools, IDE, pro tips for developers [public]

Devtools, IDE. What do professional developers do? [pro, high quality]


Tech jobs at Quora, Q&A site

Hashmap, Dictionary (Data Structure) [public]

Pro tips & tricks : using % modulo operand and // integer division in interviews [pro]



Cost Functions, Metrics,

Cost function [public]

Accuracy (definition) [public]


Optimizer, Optimization algorithm [public]

Optimization (definition) [public]

What’s back propagation (BP)? [public]

tensorflow optimizers

Advanced machine learning

Simulated Annealing [advanced, pro]

What’s knowledge distillation? (Definition) [public]

SpaCy NLP natural language processing timeline

How to get the most out of Kaggle #datascience competition [pro]

Talking about advanced topics: did you know OpenAI has something fancy again called Dalle2. This time it can generate some fancy photos. Google quickly came up with an insanely realistic, yet imaginative, ground making text to image generator called Imagen. Previously we wrote about basics of OpenAI and its training methods here

What is LightGBM (definition)? [public]

Using LightGBM with other machine learning models [pro, advanced] Advanced: how to use LightGBM as a part of a machine learning pipeline? [pro, advanced]


Blockchain, Web3, NFT, Metaverse, Crypto

This year cryptos really have crashed and burned. While financially, being a web3 developer is no longer as appealing as it is 3 months ago, being a web3 developer, a builder, a creator is still a must have skill for the near future. Blockchains are here to stay as public databases. NFT transactions has reached high volumes in Ethereum, Solana and Tezos. Ivan from Moralis said Bull markets are for investors, Bear markets are for true builders.

set up smart contract developer tool [pro]

Proof of Stake (PoS) explained by coinbase (definition) [public]

As data scientists and engineers, we can also discuss crypto analytics, it is interesting. An example question during the bear market: how many ethereum wallet addresses are still in profit?



Why did Tensorflow 1.0 started as in graph mode rather than eager mode? [public, history of deep learning]

#tensorflow #AI #graph #computegraph #deeplearning #AI

If you want to read more about the history of Tensorflow check out our Medium post.

Topic : compressing, optimizing machine learning models for edge computing. [public]

Machine learning Vs Traditional Data Science [public]


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